Summer 2018

Decatur High School AP Biology teacher Robert Quillen joins the Hammer lab through the Georgia Intern-Fellowship for Teachers program with funding from NSF!

The Hammer lab welcomes GSU Undergraduate Brandy Njai, who joins the lab as a participant in our summer Aquatic Chemical Ecology REU program!

Brian is fortunate to spend three weeks teachering Cell and Molecular Biology in Lyon France to Georgia Tech undergrads participating in the BEST Lyon summer abroad program.

Cristian, Michael and Vishnu and Brian attend Microbe 2018 in Atlanta. Cristian and Michael present posters, Vishnu gives an excellent talk on Type VI VgrG proteins, and Brian co-chairs a session with Peter Yunker on biofilm mechanics.

Spring 2018

Our first paper with collaborators Joan Xavier and Raghu Parthasarathy is now published in PNAS! V. cholerae‘s T6 weapon induces dramatic peristalsis contractions in a zebrafish host that expel resident gut microbes.  Way to go Jacob!

It was a hit! Brian and co-chair Frank Stewart host the 2018 Suddath Symposium on the Chemical Ecology of Microbiome Interactions at Georgia GTech.  The 2 day event feature outstanding talks from Bonnie Bassler and other invitate researchers, as well as GT’s own Marvi Whiteley, Neha Garg, and JC Gumbart (see links and pictures)

PhD student Rotem Sela, from Malka Halpern’s lab in Haifa Israel, joins the Hammer lab for several weeks to learn some genetic techniuques and share her knowledge of Vibrio ecology and microbiomes (see pictures)

Fall 2017

Congratulations are in order!  Tobias (Toby) Hoffmann completed his MS in Biology and Tong (Carol) Yu her BS in Biology!  Yes! We wish Jacob Thomas success as he joins Steve Diggles’ lab in January 2018 as a Research Scientist II.

Cristian is now a doctoral candidate after passing his qualifying exams with flying colors!

What great collaborators!  Our study led by Peter Yunker and his students Ben and David on the physics of Type VI killing in biofilms was accepted for publication in Physical Review Letters!

Cristian gave an excellent talk at ASM’s Cell-Cell Comunication in Bacteria meeting in Athens GA on novel Type VI Secretion effectors he is studying; and Brian spoke at ASM’s Vibrio 2017 in Chicago about the role of V. cholerae‘s Type VI in a zebrafish host.

Brian was recognized with a 2017 Cullen-Peck Fellowship Award from the College of Sciences (see link to press release).

Bioinformatics MS students Vishnu Raghuram and Hashini Chandrashekar join the Hammer lab!

The US-Israel Binational Science Foundation supports a collaboration between Brian and Malka Halpern.  Brian visited Israel this August to give a seminar, meet with Halpern lab members, visit sites where V. cholerae is isolated, and discuss current and future research plans.  (see pictures).

Brian had a great trip down the road where he presented the lab’s work at UGA in late August.

Summer 2017

We are grateful for the quorum sensing collaboration we’ve had with Craig Forest’s lab, which has culminated with the publication of Caitlin’s Biomicrofluidics paper.

Jacob and Samit’s mBio paper on horizontal gene transfer of Type VI genes is published in mBio.  Way to go!

We are fortunate to have REU student Roland Seim from UGA in our lab for the summer, and we are also graced by SMU undergraduate volunteer Grace McKeehan who is with us for several weeks!

Brian is awarded a 1-yr pilot grant from the Moore Foundation at Scialog’s 2017 “Molecules Come to Life” conference in Tucson with his new collaborators Sri Iyer-Biswas from Perdue Univ. and Roy Dra from Univ. Illinois Urbana-Champaign!

As co-director of our NSF-funded REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) in Aquatic Chemicial Ecology, Brian takes the summer students to Georgia’s Sapelo Island for some fun in the field! See “pictures”.

Babies! – Congratulations to Jacob and his wife Anna who are new parents!  They welcomed baby Kavita on April 26! Go to our “pictures” tab to see Daddy Jacob’s most recent cloning success! Congratulations to Carol who is a new mommy!  Baby Misti was born on June 1!  Carol is amazing at cloing too!  Go to our “pictures” tab to see our newest lab member!

Michael, Cristian and Brian attend ASM Microbe 2017 in New Orleans, where Cristian gave a poster talk and Brian an invited oral presentation in a symposium on “Ecology of the Single Cell”!

Spring 2017

Jacob and Samit’s new study showing that V. cholerae strains exchange their T6SS weaponry by chitin-induced natural transformation is submitted to bioRxiv!

NSF’s “Discover Files” covers our phase separation work in an audio piece entitled “A Gut Reaction“.

Our Nat Commun paper is discussed on the American Society for Microbiology’s podcast “This Week in Microbiology” (TWim)!

Our paper Nature Communication paper with the Yunker, Ratcliff and Brown labs is published, and receives some press (see links)!