FALL 2019

New graduate student: The Hammer lab welcomes Jessica Mulligan who joins the group as a MS Bioinformatics student looking forward to working at the computer and the bench!

Undergraduate Research talk: Sophia gives an oral presentation of her exciting project at the Symposium for Undergraduate Research Exploration in the College of Natural Sciences at UT Austin. Way to go Sophia! (See pictures)

1st Place Poster: Former REU student Brandy Njai, who joined the Hammer lab in the summer of 2018 to work on V. cholerae, was awarded first place in the category of microbiology for her poster of her REU project at the Louis Stoke’s Alliance for Minority Participation’s (LSAMP) STEM Innovators conference!  Nice job Brandy! (See pictures)

FLASM Regional meeting: Brian gives the keynote address at the Florida ASM branch meeting in Clearwater FL where he meets with students and faculty engaged in exciting microbiology research. (See pictures)

Qualifying Exam: Congratultions to Michael for passing his qualifying exams!  Way to go! … now back to the bench.


Genome Biology publication: Cristian and Aroon’s paper is published! Undergraduate Kenneth Williams and MS student Vishnu Raghuram also earned authorship on this collaborative effort with the Jordan and Yunker labs to find and characterize new Type VI Secretion loci.

BEST-Lyon 2019: Brian teaches Cell and Molecular Biology with Jennifer Leavey to a group of outstanding Georgia Tech students on a summer abroad in Lyon France

REU 2019: We had another successful summer for our NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates in Aquatic Chemical Ecology! Great students who worked hard, learned a lot and had fun in and around Atlanta (see pictures)!


Graduation and Awards! Holly is awarded the department’s Williams-Wells award! After graduation Holly will work as a technician at UT Knoxville for a year and then begin her doctoral training in microbiology at University of Wisconsin-Madison! Kenneth Williams is the recipient of the 2019-20 College of Science Research Award and the department’s Faculty Scholarship Award! After a gap year he plans to attend medical school in 2021. You will both be missed (see pictures)!

UMBC: Fanastic students of the Graduate Association of Biological Sciences at the University of Maryland – Baltimore County givw Brian the opportunity to give a keynote address at their symposium.

Science Riot!: Real Science. Real Funny. There are many ways to communicate our science to others. How about through humor?  Brian and several other Atlanta sicnetists had the opportunity to try stand up comedy at the first Science Riot in Atlanta. A little crude. A lot of fun! (see links).

Rio Grande Branch of ASM meeting: Brian gives his first ASM Distingusihed Lecturer keynote address at the annual meeting of the Rio Grande Branch of the ASM in beautiful Socorro NM!